Natural Living: Benefits of Copper

Our Auntie Oti copper tumblers are made in India from high quality copper. Put by your bedisde to ensure you get your water intake in or use as a vase for some pretty blooms!

Drinking from copper vessels is an ancient Ayurvedic practice, as it has many wonderful health benefits.

DIGESTIVE AID | Copper helps cleanse stomach, regulates the working of your liver and kidneys, and promotes good absorption of minerals from food.

REDUCE INFLAMMATION | Thanks to the antimicrobial elements of copper, it helps reduce inflammation in the body.

HAPPY BRAIN | Copper helps in the synthesis of phospholipids that are essential for the formation of these myelin sheaths -- the stuff that gets your brain goin'!


Mornings with Caynon Coffee

When seeking out products to sell at Wild Poppy Goods, having a brand be the right fit is just as important as the goods they produce. In this case, when I reached to Casey and Ally about selling their coffee, they offered to send me a bag to sample first. To be honest, I didn't need to try the coffee as I've heard raving reviews about it, but I did. And I was really impressed. My man, who's a professional barista trained by Heart Roasters, said these are some damn fine beans. And he is picky when it comes to coffee! :) Stay tuned for Canyon Coffee at Wild Poppy Goods... but for now, you can buy it on their site!

Photos by Taylor Kitto for Wild Poppy Goods

Spring Table: Dining Alfresco for Two

Taylor Kitto Wild Poppy Goods Wonder Valley Olive Oil

It has been a long winter for us here in Portland but Spring is finally just around the corner. Living here has made me appreciate how wonderful Spring is. Flowers are in bloom, Farmer's Markets are finally opening, and my favorite part -- being able to dine outside! Our back patio table is back in action. I love any opportunity to sit outside to eat -- doesn't it just make a meal feel much more special?

Taylor Kitto Wild Poppy Goods Wonder Valley Olive Oil
Taylor Kitto Wild Poppy Goods

New at Wild Poppy Goods: Adry & Co

When I first came across Aydry & Co.'s candles online, I first fell in love with the sophisticated and beautiful packaging. All of their products are made in high quality recycled glass containers, which can be reused! On top of being beautiful, they also smell and work wonderfully! All of their candles feature a wooden wick and are made with carefully developed original formula, providing beautiful scents, clean burning, and long lasting. 

AYDRY & Co. is a LA-based brand that presents handcrafted candles and beauty goods with a sophisticated blend of natural and luxury. The creative director, Japanese born, AYU Carlton' s philosophy; high quality - organic & vegan - modern & minimal - simplicity, reflecting her own formula and design. Her sophisticated sensibility has applied in every step of developing the brand.