Paris - Part One

Paris is a dream. It's almost difficult to take it all in. The airy colors that fill the city in the day and the light that adorn it by night. People lining the canals, gathering around a glass of wine and a baguette. Wonderfully smelling Patisseries on every corner. I miss it just talking about it.

We only had a four days to spend in the city - which is much too short. I had been a few times before, but Philip hadn't so I wanted to be sure we squeezed it all in.

A short walk from our Airbnb (best way to travel, btw) in the Republique lead us to a delicious and hip cafe called Tuck Shop. We went there a few times to enjoy a simple meal of avocado on toast and bold coffee. I was so excited that they had oat milk as an option since I'm very dairy intolerant. Yay! Other places we loved? Laduree, duh. Rose Cafe, probably the best breakfast we had. The quiche was out of this world - and so were the pastries. They have a cookbook, too, which I quickly ordered once we got back in the States. Look familiar? Cinq-Mars, for a really yummy dinner. If it's good enough for Gweneth, good enough for me! Ten Belles, the best coffee in Paris (so they say, and I agree.)

We also went to the antique flea market, where I found a few deadstock notebooks and a Edwardian blouse. It's a bit pricey, but it's just fun to look at. We used this to help us get around, from Oh Happy Day.

The photos on this post are shot on my Iphone, and I'm hoping to get back my film sometime next week.