scents + memories

A new emerging company which offers a monthly perfume sample service, called Bergamot, asked me to write a little something about memories and scents. 

I have always had a keen sense of smell - which can be both wonderful and terrible, depending on the situation. It is useful for catching a drifting whiff of pies baking in the neighbor's oven or picking up the delicate Californian scents of juniper and fir when on a hike. However, it is not so lovely when a strong perfume cause a headache for days or when I associate a smell with a negative memory. I find it fascinating that scents can hold such a place in one's memory. I was always told that woman should have a signature scent, so that when someone smells that scent they instantly think of you. I was watching my two year old niece the other day and she picked up some lavender, placed it to her nose and sighed a "mama!". This is a prime example that even children have a strong connection with scents to people or places. Since I was in High School, I have been wearing some variation of vanilla or sandalwood, which I believe reflects my personality well. Currently, my favorite scent is Vanille de Santo by Portland based company West Third Brand. I have been wearing it for years and every time I spritz some on, without fail, I am instantly placed in a better mood.