Having a clean, uncluttered, organized house can be quite difficult sometimes; especially when you are a self-proclaimed thriftaholic and with a strong sense of nostalgia for just about anything from the past. I don't hoard things like old newspapers, questionable canned food, cats, or notes from 10 years ago (wait, scratch that last one) but rather things I just don't need; 1970s jumpsuits that were too awesome to pass up, funny puppy oil paintings from the 1950s, or mugs to add to my ever growing collection. Yes, it can be really hard. Especially for us avid, greedy thrifters who want everything for themselves. Oh, is that just me?  I admit, I can be pretty greedy when it comes to thrifting; you can't let that 1960s sequin dress just go to anyone! I have a micro-studio with a loft upstairs, so everything I put into the house is basically on display. Over the months I've lived here, it has taught me a lot about my buying habits. So, I have become a lot more selective while thrifting or shopping lately and ask myself: 1. would I really wear it? 2. can I buy it for my Etsy shop? (good thing I have that one!) 3. is it classic or will it get old after a few months? 4. how good of condition is it in? 5. do I really need it? will I use it? will I love it? 

I don't know if I can do full blown all white walls and furniture ( I applaud those who can pull it off!)  but I would like to think of myself as a "minimal bohemian". I have began to clear my house of clutter, things I don't use, or clothing I don't wear and it already so refreshing! Ok, let's have a real talk: my old bedroom at my parent's is still filled to the brim with a mix of things I used to love, weird crap I still have, and useless items like broken cameras and old magazines. Baby steps, ok? Baby steps.