Business Gals: Rodellee from Adored Vintage

I can honestly say that Adored Vintage is one of my favorite vintage shops. Rodellee has such a keen eye for beauty, detail and curating vintage to feel fresh and modern. Whenever I need to be inspired, aesthically or business wise, I head on over to her Instagram or site. Her ideas are always fresh and her brand is always evolving. You can tell she puts her heart and soul into her business and everything she creates is wonderful. So.... enough talk! Let's hear what Rodellee has to say!


When did you first get into vintage clothing? 

I’ve been a fan of vintage since I was a child without realizing I was into vintage. It’s mostly because of my Mother. She sewed many of my clothes (and her own) and unbeknownst to me, most of these clothes were based on vintage patterns from the 30s, 40s, and 50s.

What is your average working day like? 

Depending on what’s on the schedule I can get started at 6 AM or 11 AM. I try not to make my days too monotonous and try to take time a couple days a week to honor some leisure quiet time which involves reading (usually history related) and a cup of good coffee. On a regular work day I’m in the office by 8AM, check my emails, check for orders, and write down a list of things I want to accomplish that day. Then I just work down the list and put on music usually 70s folk rock, show tunes, or classical.

What do you look for when you are sourcing items for your shop? 

My eyes are always drawn to my favorite colors which are usually neutrals and pale shades of pink and peach. I also always have my eyes open for lace, florals, and pretty feminine lines that are classic and timeless.

What is your favorite vintage find to date? 

Oh there are so many! Some vintage finds are my favorite because of its provenance or my made up story behind it. Others are my favorite because they’re the most wearable and I wear my vintage down to the threads! I have a vintage pale pink 1970s maxi skirt that has a 30s bias cut that I wear at least a couple dozen times a year. 

What are the top three things someone should consider before starting up a business? 

Ask yourself why you want to start a business. Then consider all the pros and cons for the business. Like really think about the pros and cons. I’ve received several emails from women that have decided to quit running their vintage shops because they didn’t realize how much work it involved. You have to really love what it is you do or want to do so during those times you’re “running the business” you’re just as passionate about your chosen vocation. Once you’ve got your pros and cons panned out, then ask yourself how will you get it all going.

How do you deal with difficult customers? 

I’m a very small business and have one part time assistant so I want to make sure customer service is personal and professional. I don’t know what is going on with the other person’s life so I try never to assume anything about a situation and just face things as they come. Luckily I’ve had very, very few difficult customers!

How do you promote your business and what do you think gets the best response? 

Quite accidentally Instagram has become the most responsive promotional tool I use. I like to share what is inspiring me, things of beauty, and behind the scenes of running an online vintage shop (although, let’s be honest, it’s edited for Instagram! You won’t see the piles of mess in my stock room!) I love that I can have a conversation and easily connect with girls that like the same things I  like.

Being your own boss is great, but it can be difficult to stay motivated at times (at least for me!) How do you get out of these ruts? 

I know the feeling oh too well! There are some weeks where I work 8-10PM (or later) because I’m in the zone. Then I burn out. Which is why I start taking those mornings where I allow myself to have a nice long breakfast, make a cup of coffee, catch up on reading, tend to my plants… it is so important to do things for yourself separate from your work!

The best part about running your own business is...

visualizing an idea and then making it happen and the creative journey of that process!  

The most challenging part is..... 

visualizing an idea and then realizing it’s just not going to happen in the time or way I want it to. But then you just try something else.

What is the next step for your business?

Oh goodness! I am going to be very transparent and honest that I’m not really clear on what that is yet! Other than I want to keep doing what I do but in a slightly different way and I want to expand from just selling vintage. Oh, and open up a brick + mortar shop. So, I kind of know what the next steps are, but it’s more a question about which patch do I take my first steps in to get there because currently there are a few different paths to choose, but the final destination is pretty much the same.