Home Tour: Audrey Bodisco

Introducing the first Home Tour ever on the blog! I love being able to peek inside the homes of women I am inspired by, which is one of the reasons why I love Instagram. I do love a good long browsing session on Pinterest, but I find that I am most inspired by homes that are lived in, and through Instagram I've discovered so many great ladies with homes brimming with personality and charm.

I instantly knew the first person I would ask to do a home tour would be Audrey, who's home is filled with vibrant kilim, clean lines, and beautiful craftsmanship. Audrey lives in San Francisco with her husband and their baby boy River. Oh, and Olive! Can't forget about the cutest kitty around, who's natural habit it seems is sun bathing and lovin' on the new baby. Their home is inviting and calm, with thoughtful uses of color and texture and layers of meaningful treasures. I was so excited to see that a few weeks ago Audrey began selling her beautiful artwork HERE. What is your favorite part about this home? Comment below and share! My favorite part is the unique textiles and cool details, like the ceramic wall art pieces! 

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