Wild Poppy Goods: Just In (and Some Real Talk)

As time goes on, more new (as opposed to vintage) things keep trickling into the shop and I'm loving the path we're on with Wild Poppy Goods. Vintage will always be my first love, and every aspect of it is still very much me. There is no better feeling than scoring a beautiful kilim rug at a flea market, or finding that perfect handmade mug at a random thrift store on the outskirts of town. On top of that joy is giving that old item new life by finding it a new home. I love that; items should be passed on to tell new stories. This love of well-made items crafted with meaning and purpose has led me to discover so many great new makers, designers, and artists whom I love to support. I'm thrilled to be carrying items in my shop made by people (many local) who are driven by the passion of their work. 

So, let's talk about running a small business that is evolving. Is it difficult? Yes. Between trying to balance finances, working from a very small home, and questioning if my customers are even liking the route we're on. So far, I've had a great response to the new look and I thank each and every one of you for making it possible. No, seriously. U rock my world. It's so nice to have support. About once a week I have a meltdown where I hate everything I put out there and I feel like I'm not living up to my standard. I compare myself to huge brands that we're once where Wild Poppy is today. It's silly, but I still do it. I'm then reminded though, by my very patient guy, that it is growing and evolving every day and that's all that matters. Growth. 

So with that being said, here are a few thing things! If you get a chance, give me some feedback. I'd love to hear what you'd like to see more of in the shop. 

          The prettiest pitcher which has an organic, natural feel. I love that it isn't perfect. 

    Right: Turkish Pillow, handmade by Turkish artisans who use old remnants of washed kilim rugs and sew on a cotton back to create these pillows. Left: The cutest pinch pots around. Imagine how cute a little air plant would look in these! 

Diggin' these eyeglass cases made by Fitzy Designs. They are beautiful and yet they still get the job done of protecting your pretty sunnies.