Get the Look: A Santorini Home

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Santorini, Greece will always hold a special spot in my heart. I was able to visit several years ago and since then have been enamored with the place. The beauty of the deep blue ocean contrasting against the whitewashed buildings, the old homes built upon steep hills, and the general old world feel throughout the city. When I have free time I love browsing Airbnb for beautiful homes to rent in Santorini (there are some AMAZING places out there!). Or, check out the San Giorgio Hotel, which is on the island of Mykonos, for the same look. 

The architecture of Greece has a timeless beauty and is based upon simplicity. You can create your own Santorini inspired abode with a few simple elements. Natural fibers and textures, silver details, and rustic aged wood all come together perfectly to create a calm atmosphere.