Maker Spotlight: Lauren Winter FW16

There are so many good things to say about Lauren, as she is my studio mate and friend. Not only is she an awesome human being, she and her team make the most beautiful wearable clothing out there! Lauren Winter is a design studio out of Portland, Oregon that has been creating timeless, unique, and comfortable clothing since 2014. I am able to witness first hand the magic put into each garment, and it's pretty special. All of the rich, deep colors of her new FW16 line are making me all kinds of excited for Fall. Check out her new FW16 line here

MADE IN THE USA | All garments are designed and sewn by a small team in Portland, Oregon. 

UNIQUE DESIGNS | Her designs are inspired by origami and geometery, creating each piece to wrap about the body beautifully. A she states, "There are no buttons, zippers, or snaps - only ties, wraps, and elastic. Our breathable materials and geometric designs adapt to the wearer because we believe in clothing conforming to the body, not the other way around."

COMFORT | She strives to create pieces that are interesting, but also super wearable and comfortable. She is able to achieve that by using durable natural fibers such as hemp, silk, linen and organic cotton. Like most women, comfort is a big factor to consider when I'm looking to buy a garment. Not only are natural fibers better for you and the environment, they can stand the test of time! 

SLOW MOVEMENT | I can say first hand that she and her team are passionate about contributing to the fashion world in a responsible way. From little things like using 100% recycled packaging to the larger picture of suppliers and material sourcing, everything produced by Lauren Winter Co. is as sustainable as possible. 

Things No. 3 | Summer Midnight

There is something about wearing all black that makes you feel instantly put together and chic. Who says wearing all black has to be reserved for the cooler months? Here is a look I'm currently coveting. The key to wearing black in the summer is that it's best to keep it simple with breezy fabrics and simple silhouettes. 

Oregon Day Trip: Painted Hills

I've been dying to explore more of Oregon lately so this was the perfect trip. We both mean to get out more and explore, but work and life always seem to get in the way. For the past few weeks I've been glued to the couch sick, so getting out was so needed. We took both the dogs, as usual, and headed East. The drive out to the Painted Hills is really cool and you go through just about every type of terrain; from evergreen trees, to snowy mountain views, to bright red soil brushed hills. My favorite part of the Painted Hills is the color variations. How perfect is that reverse ombre hill shown above!? That pinkish mauve soil might be my new favorite color. 


Get the Look: 70s Cream Chic


The 70's are making a big comeback this season. Fringe, tall boots, super wide leg jeans galore. I love this look found on Amlul via WhoWhatWear. It's the perfect mixture of modern and vintage. 

White Linen Jacket (99-) /// White Crochet Natural Fiber Dress (98-) // Vintage Leather Belt (39-) // Brass Tassel Cuff (18-) // Brass Ring (50-) ///  Seamless Clutch (145-) // Vintage Knee High Boots (29-)

Style: Spring 2015 Collections I Love

I can hardly wait to put away my boring black coat that I wear too often (I never wanna see it again) and only wear Levis, linen tees, and clogs. Compared to the East coast, it's not nearly as freezing here in Portland, but I'm from the Central Coast. The land of 75 degrees all year long. So needless to say, I'm a huge baby when it comes to being cold. The Spring collections that have been coming out have been inspiring me so much and getting me so ready for sunnier days. Here are some of my favorites. . . 

Fact: When it comes to making simple, beautiful, wearable items, Lauren can do no wrong. Lauren Winter's Spring collection features my favorite hues of indigo blue and light peach, all achieved by using natural dye methods. I am happy to announce we have a little somethin' up our sleeve for Wild Poppy Goods.... but I'll try my best to keep it a surprise. ; ) 

I came across this wonderful jewelry line, Crescioni, awhile ago while shopping (err, window shopping) at my favorite Portland shop Beam & Anchor. The clean lines and use of leather and brass had me swooning all the way home. Photographer: Andrew Lee 

I've always liked Need Supply Co, but lately I've been preeeetty obsessed with everything they're putting out lately. Their Spring 2015 collection is a breath of fresh air, with statement jewelry pieces and simple, modern silhouettes. I have my eye on the Sabine Dress. Photo Credit: Need Supply