Home: New Kitchen Ideas

As we begin our move into our new home, I can't stop obsessing over decorating the place. It is our first real home, and we will be there for some time. I have only ever stayed in a place for less than a year, so it's exciting to be able to settle for once. We are moving in on my birthday (which I am actually stoked about... no seriously!). Our kitchen is light and airy with a light gray color, steel appliances, and a gray countertop (which down the road will be concreted). Adding natural details, such as wood and natural fibers will help warm it up. Most of my kitchen items are in gray or white hues, so I want to add some contrast with dark details (like this lamp I just purchased, shown below). If money we're no matter, I'd love to scoop up this rug from Jayson Home because of the black accents. Anyone know where I can find a similar one? 

Black Pendant Light | Rug from Jayson Home | Market Bag from Dillie and Kamille (not available in the US) | Dome and Basket from H&M home | Olive wood Utensils from Amazon | Farmhouse Pottery Dish | Woven Trivets  

Oregon Day Trip: Painted Hills

I've been dying to explore more of Oregon lately so this was the perfect trip. We both mean to get out more and explore, but work and life always seem to get in the way. For the past few weeks I've been glued to the couch sick, so getting out was so needed. We took both the dogs, as usual, and headed East. The drive out to the Painted Hills is really cool and you go through just about every type of terrain; from evergreen trees, to snowy mountain views, to bright red soil brushed hills. My favorite part of the Painted Hills is the color variations. How perfect is that reverse ombre hill shown above!? That pinkish mauve soil might be my new favorite color.