Last Minute Gift Ideas from Wild Poppy Goods

Whether you're doing some last minute Holiday shopping or treating yourself to something special, we've got you covered. Holiday deadlines are fast approaching (December 16th for domestic, December 13th for International orders) so it's time to get your orders placed if you want them by Christmas! The whole store is 15% off until the cut off date, which again is the 16th of December. 

Arc Necklace | $110

Arc Necklace | $110

Bar Studs | $26

Bar Studs | $26

Palo Santo | $8

Palo Santo | $8

Vintage Hammered Goblets | $39

Vintage Hammered Goblets | $39

Kelley Burnett Original $24

Kelley Burnett Original $24

Jasmine Rose Oil | $16

Jasmine Rose Oil | $16

Moroccan Wool Striped Pillow | $45 

Moroccan Wool Striped Pillow | $45 

Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner, so here are some fun gifts ideas. Whether your looking for your own mother, your bestie who's a new mum, or just doing some retail therapy for yourself, here are some suggestions... 

1. An original artwork by Kelley Burnett. Use it as a card and write a little note on the back and she can frame it later! 

2. Bring the spa to her with Herbivore Botanicals coconut bath salt

3. Who wouldn't love owning this Tiro Tiro necklace

4. Give her something she wouldn't normally splurge on, like this gorgeous cutting board

5. It's the year of Mom Jeans. Embrace it with these rad ones from MILLE

6. Any Game of Thrones fan would appreciate this tee

7. Chocolate is a no-brainer. This one is almost too pretty to eat, but trust me, you'll want to eat it. 

8. The best shaker in all the land. And a really good price, too. 

9. Pretty linen hand towels, to replace all the ones you ruined as a kid ;) 


Gift Guide 2014: Last Minute Gifts

For last minute shoppers, with little time to shop, Amazon is where it's at. I am an advocate for supporting local makers and businesses, but let's face it: life gets in the way and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Amazon is great because one *click* and you're done, and it arrives pretty much the next day. And no, this post is definitely not sponsored post, I am just however a big fan of 'em ;) 


Gift Guide 2014: For the Naturalist

1. Who wouldn't love this hand dyed scarf from Everything Golden? (45-) 

2.  Like many others, PF candles are a staple around my home. Pretty to look at and wonderful to smell. My favorite is the no. 9 fig & jasmine scent. (16-) 

3. Give the gift of luxury with these gray towels from Rikumo (20- each) 

4. Hello, gorgeous handmade leather wallet. You're quite the looker, and on sale. (89-) 

5. A black hat is staple for any wardrobe -- I'm especially fond of this one which has a great shape and is vintage! (58-) 

6. Bincho water filter not only looks cool but is really functional (69-)

7. The perfect boot for everyday use. Chippewa lace up boots from Orn Hansen. (270-) 

8. Dry shampoo made with good ingredients. (9-) 

9. During wintertime, a favorite mug is a must. This one from Rennes would be my go-to mug in the morning.  *note, this particular one shown is sold out. Here is something similar. (24-) 

gift guide 2014 | for the cook

1. Everyone needs a sturdy Mortar and Pestal for the kitchen. 

2. Linen Napkins from Otis & Otto. A bit pricey but SO gorgeous. (85-) 

3. Handmade 'Farmhouse' Carafe by Arrow and Sage. Beautiful, functional, handmade. Meets all good gift criteria. (38-) 

4. Futagami Eclipse Brass Bottle OpenerAgain, functionality meets good design. (40-) 

5. How gorgeous is this vintage French copper pan? (49-) 

6. Opinel Olive Wood Knife (70-) 

7. Set of two small wooden bowls, perfect for keeping by the table for a pinch of salt n pepper. (16-) 

8. Linen Oven Mitt looks pretty and still gets the job done (12-) 

9. Wooden measuring spoons. I have these little guys and I love em. (20-) 

Christmas Gift Guide 2014: For the Ladies

I know, we're only a few weeks into November, but hear me out. Every year, I seem to leave gifts to the last minute; although I love giving them. I'm a firm believer in giving items that are meaningful, whether they be from a local shop, handmade, or from a small business. So, to avoid running to Target a few days before Christmas (eek!), tackle your gifts now so that you can eat lots of turkey, sip on apple cider, and hang up stockings without worrying about what presents you should get your loved ones. 

Up until a week before Christmas, I'll be featuring several types of gift guides that appeal to lots of different folks. Ones for the cooks, new mammas, nature lovers, fashionistas, romantic souls, best friends and siblings, ect. 

Today's guide is for the ladies in your life. Whether they be your BFF, sister, mom. 

1. Sunday Suppers cook book. This one is still on my wish list, but I've browsed through it and it's beautifully made with some great looking recipes { 23- } 

 2. How great are these midcentury candle holders? They'd sure make a one-of-a-kind gift. { 17- } 

3. An agenda planner is a must for a busy lady -- plus, 7% of sales are donated to a no-kill Pet Adoption center. Which makes it even cooler. { 26 - }

4. Turkish towels are the way to go. I've made the switch to only using turkish towels because they are prettier, take up less room, and are better on the environment. The one shown is from ABC Carpet & Home, but I've found some great ones on Ebay. { 15 - }

5. Pretty Baggu cream drawstring purse { 140 - } 

6. I think just about anyone would love to have this Half moon collar necklace -- it looks expensive and chic, but it's under 30 bucks! { 28 - } 

7. Keihl's lip balm is a must { 7 - } 

8. Coconut milk bath soak, perfect for soothing that dry winter skin (and it's made with quality, vegan ingredients!)  { 32 - }