How to: Style a Coffee Table

Chairish recently reached out to me about creating a style board centered around one of their coffee tables. There were so many great ones to choose from, but I decided on this beautiful French antique pine coffee table as a base for my style board. I love how much history and rustic charm it has! A coffee table is the center of any living room, so the goal is to make it stylish and functional. Add something structural like this rounded footed bowl. It's the perfect contrast to this very angular table and it can hold a ton of things such as polaroids, remotes, and other small trinkets. This ceramic open hand is perfect for holding palo santo, rings, or sage. Add a plant for a touch of life and color. Airplants are beautiful and really easy to take care of. With a coffee table this rustic, it's good to mix in some metal accents like these brass coasters to break up the styles. A beautiful candle is a must -- and don't forget the matches! Since they will be on display, use cute vintage matchboxes or find cutes ones like theseYou can never have too many art books. Trust me on this one. They serve as a piece of art, give guests something to look through, and add a whole lot of personality. And let's be honest, make you seem much more interesting. Wink wink. My picks are Frida Kahlo photographs and Union mag. And to tie it all together, add the perfect rug for texture and warmth! 

Things No. 3 | Summer Midnight

There is something about wearing all black that makes you feel instantly put together and chic. Who says wearing all black has to be reserved for the cooler months? Here is a look I'm currently coveting. The key to wearing black in the summer is that it's best to keep it simple with breezy fabrics and simple silhouettes. 

Get the Look: 70s Cream Chic


The 70's are making a big comeback this season. Fringe, tall boots, super wide leg jeans galore. I love this look found on Amlul via WhoWhatWear. It's the perfect mixture of modern and vintage. 

White Linen Jacket (99-) /// White Crochet Natural Fiber Dress (98-) // Vintage Leather Belt (39-) // Brass Tassel Cuff (18-) // Brass Ring (50-) ///  Seamless Clutch (145-) // Vintage Knee High Boots (29-)

things no. 1 || yes way, rosé

I love window shopping -- especially here in Portland where the stores are all filled to the brim with gorgeous items. Most items are out of my price range, but it's still fun to look, right!? I also love browsing the web for pretty things (which can be dangerous, I'll admit). Here are some things that are catching my eye lately, specially in the shade of rosé.

1) Milwood 46 in Pink Crystal 235- 2) Orla Sandals 49- 3) Plains Scarf 42- 4) Clare V. Flat Clutch 199 5) Tiro Tiro Campana Necklace 195-


How to Wear Vintage: Try it On!

Tip 3: always try things on! From my years of wearing vintage, I've learned it's important to always try things on. It might not look great on the hanger, but it just might look amazing on you. For me, I'm not always drawn to a pencil skirt fit because I don't love how most of them look on me. I tried this one on from Everything Golden and it was an instant favorite because of the great texture and fit. You can purchase it here



Outfit details | Vintage skirt from Everything Golden, Shoes from Nine West, blouse from Nasty Gal



What I like to keep in my bag...

  • Aesop Aromatique Hand Balm -- although a bit on the pricey side, so worth it during these winter months. The smell is amazing and very calming. 
  • Rose lip balm from Herbivore Botanicals -- my favorite lip balm out there. 
  • A notebook -- always jotting down to-do lists and ideas
  • Brass key hook c/o Joshu + Vela -- functionality meets beautiful design. 
  • Vintage scrimshaw swiss army knife 
  • NARS lip stick -- I've had this one forever, and actually thinking about it I should probably replace it... but, I love the color. 
  • ASOS sunglasses 
  • Kate Spade Saturdays Wallet -- I scored this one on Ebay, and I really love it! 
  • Essential oil concoction -- a mixture of peppermint, rosemary, clary sage, lavender, jojoba oil and vitamin E oil that I like to rub on my temples or neck whenever I have a headache or feel stressed 
  • Barr & Co -- one of my favorite smells. I enjoy warm, sweet-but-not-too-sweet, soothing smells. This one has hints of vanilla, oatmeal, oatmeal vetiver, and sweet nectar and always makes me feel warm and cozy. 
  • BAGUU leather purse -- I'm giving the oversized purses a rest and sticking to this smaller one, which helps me be a bit more organized. 

around the house

Nothing calms my stress more than moving around furniture, redecorating, and styling. Good thing it's part of my job, because I love it oh. so. much. Recently, I've been drawn to deep browns, soft greens, and dramatic dark colors.