Spring Table: Dining Alfresco for Two

Taylor Kitto Wild Poppy Goods Wonder Valley Olive Oil

It has been a long winter for us here in Portland but Spring is finally just around the corner. Living here has made me appreciate how wonderful Spring is. Flowers are in bloom, Farmer's Markets are finally opening, and my favorite part -- being able to dine outside! Our back patio table is back in action. I love any opportunity to sit outside to eat -- doesn't it just make a meal feel much more special?

Taylor Kitto Wild Poppy Goods Wonder Valley Olive Oil
Taylor Kitto Wild Poppy Goods

How to: Style a Coffee Table

Chairish recently reached out to me about creating a style board centered around one of their coffee tables. There were so many great ones to choose from, but I decided on this beautiful French antique pine coffee table as a base for my style board. I love how much history and rustic charm it has! A coffee table is the center of any living room, so the goal is to make it stylish and functional. Add something structural like this rounded footed bowl. It's the perfect contrast to this very angular table and it can hold a ton of things such as polaroids, remotes, and other small trinkets. This ceramic open hand is perfect for holding palo santo, rings, or sage. Add a plant for a touch of life and color. Airplants are beautiful and really easy to take care of. With a coffee table this rustic, it's good to mix in some metal accents like these brass coasters to break up the styles. A beautiful candle is a must -- and don't forget the matches! Since they will be on display, use cute vintage matchboxes or find cutes ones like theseYou can never have too many art books. Trust me on this one. They serve as a piece of art, give guests something to look through, and add a whole lot of personality. And let's be honest, make you seem much more interesting. Wink wink. My picks are Frida Kahlo photographs and Union mag. And to tie it all together, add the perfect rug for texture and warmth! 

Get the Look: A Santorini Home

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Santorini, Greece will always hold a special spot in my heart. I was able to visit several years ago and since then have been enamored with the place. The beauty of the deep blue ocean contrasting against the whitewashed buildings, the old homes built upon steep hills, and the general old world feel throughout the city. When I have free time I love browsing Airbnb for beautiful homes to rent in Santorini (there are some AMAZING places out there!). Or, check out the San Giorgio Hotel, which is on the island of Mykonos, for the same look. 

The architecture of Greece has a timeless beauty and is based upon simplicity. You can create your own Santorini inspired abode with a few simple elements. Natural fibers and textures, silver details, and rustic aged wood all come together perfectly to create a calm atmosphere. 



I adore making playlist -- I always have. The difference is that these playlist aren't burnt on a CD and nor they do include any Blink 182 or Death Cab for Cutie. Or doooo they!? (No, they don't. Well some, maybe). This one was made for those rainy day spent inside, zoning out the window. So, light a candle, grab a book, and get a cozy blanket to cuddle up with and enjoy


FUEL TO FIRE | Agnes Obel 


AETAS II | The Swan Thief 

LANTERN | The White Birch 

BITE MARKS | Atlas Sound

RAILS | Bing & Ruth 


TO BE STILL | Alela Diane 

THE SMALLEST HUMAN | Joshua Van Tassel 

RAIN MELODIES | Daisuke Miyatani 

SKIE | Moskitoo 

NOWHERE NEAR | Small Color 

MAY | Big Kitty 


Christmas Gift Guide 2014: For the Ladies

I know, we're only a few weeks into November, but hear me out. Every year, I seem to leave gifts to the last minute; although I love giving them. I'm a firm believer in giving items that are meaningful, whether they be from a local shop, handmade, or from a small business. So, to avoid running to Target a few days before Christmas (eek!), tackle your gifts now so that you can eat lots of turkey, sip on apple cider, and hang up stockings without worrying about what presents you should get your loved ones. 

Up until a week before Christmas, I'll be featuring several types of gift guides that appeal to lots of different folks. Ones for the cooks, new mammas, nature lovers, fashionistas, romantic souls, best friends and siblings, ect. 

Today's guide is for the ladies in your life. Whether they be your BFF, sister, mom. 

1. Sunday Suppers cook book. This one is still on my wish list, but I've browsed through it and it's beautifully made with some great looking recipes { 23- } 

 2. How great are these midcentury candle holders? They'd sure make a one-of-a-kind gift. { 17- } 

3. An agenda planner is a must for a busy lady -- plus, 7% of sales are donated to a no-kill Pet Adoption center. Which makes it even cooler. { 26 - }

4. Turkish towels are the way to go. I've made the switch to only using turkish towels because they are prettier, take up less room, and are better on the environment. The one shown is from ABC Carpet & Home, but I've found some great ones on Ebay. { 15 - }

5. Pretty Baggu cream drawstring purse { 140 - } 

6. I think just about anyone would love to have this Half moon collar necklace -- it looks expensive and chic, but it's under 30 bucks! { 28 - } 

7. Keihl's lip balm is a must { 7 - } 

8. Coconut milk bath soak, perfect for soothing that dry winter skin (and it's made with quality, vegan ingredients!)  { 32 - }