Wild Poppy Mixtape | No. 003



By the time I get home from the studio lately, the sun is setting and the day starts to end. As hard as it is to say goodbye to my favorite season, the thought of chilly nights with a cozy home cooked meal makes things better. Especially when accompanied by good jams! This is my current playlist for cooking up a meal. Enjoy! 

♫ LISTEN here

1. Lord Knows Best | Dirty Beaches 

2. Dont B Sad (Prod TOPS) | Sean Nicholas Savage

3. Acrobat | Angel Olsen

4. Doni Doni | Vieux Farka Toure 

5. Florida | Luke Temple 

6. Courage | Villagers

7. Lover Man | Bille Holiday

8. The Breeze / My Baby Cries | Bill Callahan 

9. Little Bit of Rain | Karen Dalton

10. I Need Your Love | Toots & The Metal

11. Propaganda | Sean Nicholas Savage

12. Not That Easy | Diane Coffee

13. Hot Dreams | Timber Timbr

14. Water No Get Enemy | Fela Kuti 

15. All I Want | Joni Mitchell 

16. I Wish I Knew | Sharon Van Etten 

17. I Don't Know 2009 | Beastie Boys

18. Try Me | James Brown

 19. Impossible | Lyla Foy 

20. Felicidade | Seu Jorge

21. Strange Mercy | St. Vincent 

22. Are I Here | Helado Negro 

23. Pink + White | Frank Ocean 

24. Blues Run the Game | Jackson C. Frank

Friday Faves: 9.30.16

Here are a few things I'm digging this week. Happy weekending! 

Doen has been KILLING it lately. I especially love their stories, featuring inspiring women like Kristen Caissie of Moon Canyon

This modern Italian farmhouse is just the dreamiest. 

Ummm these earrings!? Obsessed.

Our CSA box this week was loaded with all kinds of squash, so I've been on the look out for some good recipes to use them up. This one looks simple and amazing. Comment with your favorite winter squash recipes if you have any! 

Here is another squash recipe. The rainy days have started here in Portland, and this butternut squash soup by Jessica Comingore of The Elysian Edit looks perfect for chilly nights. 

Inside Glossier. A good read on marketing wizard Emily Weiss and her beauty empire. I haven't tried too many of their products yet, but I've been dying to test out The Supers


I just discovered that Object Without Meaning has a vintage section curated by Bouquet of Parentheses, and it's so on point. I am eyeing this cute bracelet

Maker Spotlight: Lauren Winter FW16

There are so many good things to say about Lauren, as she is my studio mate and friend. Not only is she an awesome human being, she and her team make the most beautiful wearable clothing out there! Lauren Winter is a design studio out of Portland, Oregon that has been creating timeless, unique, and comfortable clothing since 2014. I am able to witness first hand the magic put into each garment, and it's pretty special. All of the rich, deep colors of her new FW16 line are making me all kinds of excited for Fall. Check out her new FW16 line here

MADE IN THE USA | All garments are designed and sewn by a small team in Portland, Oregon. 

UNIQUE DESIGNS | Her designs are inspired by origami and geometery, creating each piece to wrap about the body beautifully. A she states, "There are no buttons, zippers, or snaps - only ties, wraps, and elastic. Our breathable materials and geometric designs adapt to the wearer because we believe in clothing conforming to the body, not the other way around."

COMFORT | She strives to create pieces that are interesting, but also super wearable and comfortable. She is able to achieve that by using durable natural fibers such as hemp, silk, linen and organic cotton. Like most women, comfort is a big factor to consider when I'm looking to buy a garment. Not only are natural fibers better for you and the environment, they can stand the test of time! 

SLOW MOVEMENT | I can say first hand that she and her team are passionate about contributing to the fashion world in a responsible way. From little things like using 100% recycled packaging to the larger picture of suppliers and material sourcing, everything produced by Lauren Winter Co. is as sustainable as possible. 

How To: Style Indigo Throws


Why I love 'em | They are the perfect way to add color to a room! Each one has it's own unique texture, color, and shape as they are handmade. 

Where they are from | Our Wild Poppy Goods Indigo throws are sourced from Mali, Africa. 

History behind indigo throws | This vibrant color of indigo has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. The Dogon people of Mali have used this natural dye process that has been passed down through generations. Archeological sites in Mali have discovered textile fragments dating as far back as the 11th century! 

How they are made | Weave cloths are prepared and dyed in large vats by women, which is a time consuming process. When buying vintage indigo throws, you'll know that only natural dye has been used as opposed to the synthetic dye being used nowdays


Get the Look: Indoor Outdoor Space

1.) Add a bit of handmade charm to your backyard by hanging one of these Mt. Washington Pottery bells on a tree. 2.) Have you ever seen a beach towel THIS cute!? 3.) A cute napkin from Heather Taylor Home adds just the right amount of color. 4.) Don't forget the water! This pitcher from Ikea perfect for that.  5.) Bring a potted olive tree outside and pretend you're hanging out in Italy 6.) These chairs are pretty great, no!? Find them at Target for a steal! 

Update: What's New at Wild Poppy Goods

Oh, hey there! It has been a while, hasn't it!? Here are a few favorites currently on the site. 

1. The Calder Necklace, made by Young Frankk, is hands down my favorite piece of jewelry in the shop right now. We've almost sold out, but there is one left! Better snag it up before I do because I am preeeetty tempted. Seriously. The perils of owning a small business ;) 

2. These matching earrings are pretty rad as well. Pair with just about anything for an instant cool girl look.  

3. This bowl from Forged & Found is perfect for so many things. I just love the soft white color and the organic shape! 

4. Mid Century brass goblets... I mean, come on! How good are these? I love that they have just the right amount of shine to them, and the texture makes them have a more natural and casual vibe. 

5. Lauren (my amazing studio mate and owner of Lauren Winter) modeling an early 1950s bias cut dress. Isn't it so lovely with those art deco inspired details!?  

6. This 1960s wiggle eyelet dress is surly stunner. If it were my size, I'd seriously snatch it up in a hot second. It's the right amount of sexy, comfortable, cute, and.... it is SUPER flattering. 

New Arrivals from Forged & Found

This week we added some beautiful ceramics that are handmade in Athens, Georgia by Forged & Found. What I most admire about her work is the element of uniqueness, in that no items are the exact same. There is a quiet elegance about her work; one that is both playful and beautiful at the same time. Another plus? You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to own a piece with meaning. Prices range from $16 - $40 per product. 

If you are a Palo Santo lover like myself, these incense huts are a must. I love watching the smoke rise from the top! Her ceramic cheese boards are a kitchen essential as they are so beautiful yet durable and easy to clean. And, while we are on the topic of kitchen essentials, aren't these salt cellars so cute? They are great to have out on the table or by the stove for a quick pinch of salt. Or if you aren't much of a home cook, they sure look good with a few rings inside 'em, too.  Shop the entire collection here --------