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“She turned to the sunlight
    And shook her yellow head,And whispered to her neighbor:    "Winter is dead.”  ― A. A Milne 


   Eucalyptus has anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant properties. Perfect for warding off a cold or sinus issues!
  Effie looking a bit unsure of it all.
   Just as I though I avoided the winter sickness going around - it struck. And got me bad. Sore throat, runny nose, headaches, you name it. I'm just thankful it's not the flu, although I feel like I'll jinx myself saying that! I've been loading up on zinc, vitamin c, cayenne pepper, and raw garlic for a speedy recovery. I've also been making one of my favorite steam concoction I threw together one night for Philip when he was having a sneezing attack (culprit spotted in third photo). It is refreshing and really clears you out. You can change a few of these ingredients depending on what you have handy - but here is what I use:

    - about two or three citrus wedge (I prefer to use oranges)
    - peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus leaves 
    - dried lavender 
    - tea tree oil 
    - peppermint castile soap, or if you have peppermint oil on hand that would work too 
    - water 

It is really quite simple. Place all ingredients in the water and put on a low simmer until it is almost to a boil. Place in a mug or bowl and cover your head with a towel or blanket.... now breeeeathe in.... much better! It really works like a charm. Bottle it up and save it for later in the refrigerator (it is best between 1-4 days).


    Yesterday we took a short adventure to a little town only fifteen minutes away.  We drove on a random road (typical) up a mountain that looked quite promising, and sure enough, the view was beautiful. We hiked a bit and found a Lion King-esque rock to sit on to take in the view. A trip to Morro Bay is not complete without going to Taco Temple (quite possibly the best mexican food and chocolate bread pudding of my life). Exploring with my favorite guy and his wolf has got to be one of my favorite things in life.... along with chocolate bread pudding, of course.
Photos taken on Iphone + Instax



    And on another note - my man moved to LA on new years day. Quite a change for the new year, huh? 2012 was a quiet, comfortable, ordinary year. It was a good one, but I am exited for what the future holds. Lots of exciting things are in store for 2013. I already miss him a lot but I am excited for the opportunities their band has been given (mostly thanks to Fergie... yes the Fergalicious Fergie). Funny how life works.


   well to begin, I moved into a quaint victorian apartment.

effie's favorite place to sleep. poor thing had a hard time adjusting at first, but I think she's doing just     fine now, and she has a new kitty housemate too! 

I take walks as often as possible now, being so close to my favorite coffee shops, and I always make sure to make a little bouquet on the way. Phil warns me that I might look like a crazy to the neighbors if I keep collecting foliage on my walk, but I can't help it!
    rain - my favorite weather!
   a few Christmas presents
I hope everyone of you had a joyful, relaxing holiday! 
* all photos taken on iphone, edited using afterglow


Some things just go so well together. Jasmine tea, gingersnap cookie, and honey are a fine example.


At the end of the month, I will have hopefully done most of these things and will document them as I go along. Seems like the months just slip so fast by lately and I want to capture the small moments in them, so hopefully this is a way to do so. Do you have any plans for this holiday season? 


There are so many great gift guides circling the internet lately, all filled with lovely things, but the prices can be a bit unrealistic sometimes. I'll be posting a few gift guides that feature items from small businesses that are under 40 dollars. I'm really trying hard this year to only buy handmade, vintage, meaningful gifts... so I hope these ideas inspire you as well! 

1. driftwood shelf, 38 
4. twig necklace, 35 
5. mushroom print, 9 
7. twig hair clips, 20 


There is no better activity to do on a rainy day than sip on a hot latte- whether it be at home or in a cozy coffee shop. That perfect carmel-y color, rich foam, and leaf design just get me. 

‘Taking it All In’ by Karen Offutt / trevor triano


I feel as though I begin every blog post with obligatory "wow, it sure has been awhile" sentence, but it truly feels like I've become far detached this blog. That is something I do not want, but I'm taking time to reevaluate and gain some inspiration for this here ol' blog. I haven't necessarily been busy - but my mind has been elsewhere. Dealing with complicated apartment things and being sick are just some of the not so fun stuff, but it's not bad. It has also been filled with watching my classic Fall movies ( I have a pretty elaborate list of movies I must watch in October), carving pumpkins, bike rides, and drinking many a soy chai latte. 

Thinking of all my east coast friends... hope you all stay safe! 


My two favorite things about fall time are the clothes and the food. Although I cannot experience the full glory of fall just yet (you can go away now, sunshine), I'm living vicariously through fall inspired photographs. 
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As I was gathering inspiration for a new post, I noticed that I was picking photos with a similar color palette.  I do that with thrifting as well; I come home with all blue finds. Funny how that works. 
I am taking a bit of a hiatus - perhaps only a few days, maybe a few weeks - to sort out what I want from this blog. Right now I feel like it's going every which way and a part of me wants to be more organized. Perhaps more personal posts rather than inspiration? More writing? I think my number one reason is to create better relationships and community with all you e-peeps. I'd love to hear your honest thoughts. What could change on this blog? What would you like to see more/less of? For now, I leave you with pretty pictures!