giveaway giveaway giveaway!

i am so excited to announce that i am co-hosting a giveaway with my sister!
we are showcasing this lovely skirt from bunny and pear clothing. her most popular skirt ( a 65$ value!!), modern victorian over bustle skirt, will be featured!

how to enter:
* you may enter up to three times!
1. visit bunny and pear and comment on this post with what your favorite item is.
2. follow the thelittledeers and comment on if you are already a follower or a new one, or become a fan on facebook
or follow cocoa green and comment.
3. blog about this giveaway and comment with a link from the post.

the winner of the giveaway must email bunny and pear with their measurements. the winner will randomly be chosen on march 1st at 11:49 pm (p.s.t.) and announced march 2nd.
good luck!! ♥