today i found a lovely typewriter for only 10 dollars! of course the beautiful mint one at the antique store would be lovely, this one is just as nice. plus, ten dollars compared to eighty-five is just more sensible! i've been searching for one for quite a while, and i am very happy i found it! ( well, props to the boyfriend for even pointing it out!). i also got a wonderful pair of shoes i am thinking of selling in the shop & lovely ceramic deer. i think i own way too many deers, but i suppose it is fitting because i aaaam the little deer and all!
messy desk!

i am also attempting to embroider ( note the word attempting)

someone who knows what they are doing, teach me your ways and i shall be eternally grateful!

{ i also reached 500 followers, i really don't know how that happened, but i thank all of you for reading this tiny lil blog!! you are all really lovely people who inspire me }