well ello friends! starting my own little "business" has become quiet a costly venture. i would love to be able to buy new items for the shop more often! so, if you run a business, whether it be vintage clothing, art, or handmade, or have a blog, i'd love to work with you!
it is not only a great way to get more exposure as a sponsor, but i also love hosting giveaways for the lovely readers! giveaways will receive a full post and icon in the side bar.

whether it is vintage or homemade jewelry, if you would like to send me an item to wear in an outfit post or to take photographs of i would love to!

all ads will be placed in the right sidebar with the icon of your choice
*please note that style of your product or blog should be cohesive to the style of my blog.

for more information dealing with advertising, such as site stats and rates, please email me at tpaigekitto (at) hotmail (dot) com