there is something magical about an old photograph. I think they are the greatest source of fashion inspiration.

sighs and wonders have a wonderful selection of vintage photographs on flickr.
{ all of the images above found there}

so I ask you, and I'd love to hear. . .
what is your favorite decade for fashion? lately mine has been the early 70's. by that I don't mean bell bottoms and flowy tops, but more sophisticated such as tall tan boots, pea coats with fur collars, and lots of layers in yellow and green tones.
also, what is your favorite decade all together? I really love the 1920's because it was sort of a revolution for women, as well as teens. the victorians were such strict folk and it was such a drastic change from tight corsets to the loose flapper dresses. a really fascinating essay called " a flapper's appeal to parents" is one of my favorites. another favorite decade is the 1960's, for the exact reason! the change that happened from the victorian age to the 20's is very similar to the 50's to the 60's. although some aspects of the 50's were wonderful (aka fashion!), society was just so afraid to speak their mind (especially women!) and I love the voice and unity people had in the 60's.
annnnyways, there is your history lesson for the day. . . kinda :)
peace out, hippie scouts.