here are a few snapshots from the months of 2010. yes, some months are missing because of their lack of excitement and/or documentation.


I wore this on valentines day.
he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. we started dating in february and this was one of our first little dates. it is so weird to look back and see how much we've grown! I will try my best not to get toooo sappy with you guys. he helps me with math related things, figuring out directions, fixing things, and all kinds of other things I am terribly bad at. he is incredibly patient (a trait I very much lack) and incredibly musical. I used to play a lot of music (guitar, flute, and piano) but I kinda feel lame next to him. he shreds the banjo like no one's business (ha!)


costa rica!
this is our buddy paolo in grass valley. oh, how I love grass valley!!

for my birthday, we went about 20 minutes up north to a lovely little seaside town and he surprised me with a picnic. probably the nicest birthday I've ever had.

although I rarely keep new year's resolutions (who does? and to those who do, kudos to you). I forgot my resolutions for last year (whoops!) but I am pretty sure they were along the lines of taking more pictures, starting an etsy vintage shop, and being more creative. I also promised to create a collection of images a month, which I did! yay! I really kind of forgot about photography during this year, womp wommmp. I need to get back into it! this year I plan to move to portland in the fall to go to school for photography. I really hope all works out and that I even get accepted! ha. fingers crossed!

I am going to keep it pretty simple. here are some things I want to work on this year:

1. take more outfit pictures and make it more of a style blog than a jumbled mess of inspiration. I don't really know what to classify my blog as... vintage, fashion, photography? who knows!

2. TAKE MORE PICTURES, specifically film, and carry a camera at all time.

3. eating more healthy ( I say this every year, blah blah blah.) but I would really like to try!

4. try to buy as much handmade and vintage items as possible. although I don't buy too much at chain stores (ex. urban and forever 21), I really want to limit my purchases because vintage is just so much more unique and better for the planet annnd cheaper!