I am an avid thrifter, and a very big believer in it! I composed a list of why thrifting is so dang awesome.

1. you can buy a lot without feeling guilty about spending your money! I get in moods where I feel like I need new clothes and things (which is bad of me because I already have too much!) but thrifting is the perfect solution!

2. you're wearing original clothes! its a nice feeling knowing that what you found is unique and special. I also love the fact that it has some history behind it.

3. it's better for the environment! you're giving old clothes a new life, instead of buying new ones.

(thrifting in grass valley. gee, i miss that place)

1. think of things that you are in the look out for. keep a mental list of things you're searching for and they'll be easier to find.

2. always give something a second thought. if you kind of like something, but aren't too sure about it, give it another try because you might regret not buying it. (especially if it is cheaper than 5 bucks!)

3. this might not apply to all, buuuut if you can't really find the time to mend something or you're not very experienced at sewing, don't buy a bunch of long dresses/skirts in hopes of mending them. I sound like such a downer, but am I the only one who does that?

hope that helps :)