with lavender and lace: interview

I am happy to introduce my first sponsor, kelsie mcnair. she is a wonderful gal who not only takes wonderful photos but also has an etsy shop filled with vintage goodies.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do in real life.

My name is Kelsie Mcnair, I live in Boston, MA and Im finishing up my last semester at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I've lived in Boston for 4 years now and a few days after graduation, I will be picking up my things and moving back south to Virginia! I am a photographer (sort of), a food lover, friend finder, music maker, book binder, design enthusiast, and etsy store owner. I work at Goodwill here in the city and spend my free time cleaning my messy apartment after 'making sessions', blogging, reading The Fountain Head, thinking up new books to bind, and singing with Happiest Lion. I really love traveling (who doesnt?) whenever I can to ANYWHERE even if its just outside the city. I love getting close to people and photographing them, I love planning video and photo shoots with my friends. And i think experience is the most important thing in the world for everyone to live a really happy life.

2. What is the With Lavender and Lace blog all about?

With Lavender and Lace is a lifestyle blog about the inner and outter workings of my life as a producing artist and college student (soon to be graduate). In the blog, I show most of the images I shoot in film every week. I really enjoy sharing my friends on the blog, they are a growing group of fantastically creative individuals. I share sketchbooks and videos and memories and i really love it when readers connect with me through email. I post images of books I make and things that are happening with my current band Happiest Lion. I also show little tidbits of my etsy shop and my fascination with clothing. I don't really know much about fashion besides what i make up and borrow from friends, I really want the blog to be an informative place of ideas and inspiration for living an alternative lifestyle.

3. What kind of things keep you inspired and productive?

I love love love looking forward to things. I like to plan things out, even when things never end up as planned. haha. Like right now, Im looking forward to visiting Austin, Texas in March. Ive started planning items to sell and what to make and its so much fun. I also get a lot of inspiration from my friends here in Boston and things i see in Goodwill and blogs, of course. I love to physically make things with my hands like books and pressed flowers, when i go places with a wide variety of these things.. I feel the urge to create my own even more! Also galleries and museums are good sources of healthy visual stimuli.
4. What sort of thing can we expect from With Lavender and Lace in the future?

Ive got a ton of ideas for the blog and shop. After graduation and moving to Norfolk, I plan on opening a Handmade With Lavender and Lace store for all of my hand presses/hand sewn/hand made things. I will also be carrying a variety of my friend's wondrous workings as well. This year I am also planning a really marvelous project that anyone can be involved in! I want to start gathering prints and hand crafted pages from blogging ladies all over the world and hand bind them together into really nifty artist books that i'll send away to be in artist book libraries and stores to be shown off... but not until i make a really fabulous online zine spread of each issue (to remember your page and see everyone else's!) I think this project will be really exciting and visit With Lavender and Lace to stay updated and get INVOLVED!