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blue nighty on sale!

instead of restocking the shop, I decided to take pictures of the clothes that are already for sale! I am really hoping to clear out the shop, so I can get new ones for it, so hint hint... shop away ;)

60's mini dress
60's peachy dress
90s gold floral dress
this is what I wore today. yes, those are PANTS. gasp. I rarely wore them and when I did I would get at least three people go 'are those pants!!?!'... now I tend to wear them partly because I am lazy and want to be comfy, and also it gets a bit chilly wearing dresses! I am SO READY for spring. oh and hey, while you're at it... check out these pretty new earrings in the shop!

I have a question for you all, I changed my URL to thelittledeer.com, if you are a follower and I still in your google reader? hoping everything transferred correctly!