weekly inspirations.

to be honest, I have no motivation to add new vintage and handmade goods to the shop lately. the reason is because paypal is being a total jerk and not giving me my money! I started selling a few things on ebay and I guess that screwed a lot up, because my account is now "pending" and I can't get my money until someone leaves feedback. so yeah, thanks a lot paypal! annnnnyways, I thought I'd share some current inspiration...

the loveliest tote from myfolklover. banjo earrings, in honor of my banjo playing boyfriend. and these wonderful shoes, that someone with a size 7 foot should buy!

these gals are always inspiring me. kala is always sportin' wonderful long skirts, floppy hats, and fur coats and wears them so well. kennedy, looking fabulous in high waisted pants and a floppy hat.
(can you tell what my new obssesion is? HATS!)

an old picture//

to make//
spotted this sun jar tutorial on free people's blog and now I have to make one! t-shirt turned into a necklace, and a framed chalk board.

I love this picture of andrew bird, but in other music-y news, robin pecknold of fleet foxes released three songs worthy of your ears.