m u s i n g s

nadinoo / sophie allen 2. zara / solid frog ( take a look at the others. beautiful. ) 3. via color collective, a wonderful blog of color and style 4. anthro / becca s 5. Audrey in roman holiday
6. not quite snow white 7. vanessa jackman: claire / the flower girl

aren't all of these the best? I'm going to europe in july and all of these outfits would be perfect! although I will always have a place in my heart for fancy 50s dresses and bows, the tomboy style that I see lurking around blogs is quite refreshing. I was watching the mummy a few days ago and noticed how amazing rachel weiz is as evie. so 2001, but I mean, she kicks ass and looks adorable doing so. . . how couldn't you love her!? haha.