sick blues

I apologize if my post are a big borefest lately, but I've been sick in bed the last few days with little ambition to do anything! the only thing I've been doing is shamefully sitting on tumblr for like, three hours and watching father of the bride... hehe. however, I DID do some embroidery and sent out little letters and knickknacks to some nice people . that's one thing about me, man do I love snail mail and making people things, haha.
a peek into my vintage dress collection!

H e l l o L o v e ( 6.00)

writing letters and making things for nice people.

for a LDV customer.

and okay, three more people away from 900 followers!? what the heck! how did that happen? I sound like a total cheeseball but thank you all so much, you mean so much to me (yes, even the anonymous folks out there!)

and one laaaast thing, if you could just go here and click the little "vote" button, it would be much appreciated!