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Blogs. . . I'm going to do my best to answer with only one. Because my 'favorite' can usually become my favorite
s. With all things. So, currently, right now, a blog that I never cease to enjoy updates from is the dear little space Rose & Crown.

Place to travel. . . Oh how we love to travel! We tend to haunt places like Brooklyn and Bellport, or Paradise Island... But, I think the best trip Andrew and I have ever taken was to Wellington, NZ. That little city really stole our hearts and captured our fancy. We hope to go back one day.

Musicians. . . Lately I cant get enough of Damien Jurado and Efterklang.. Andrew keeps me current- otherwise I'd probably never stray from the music I grew up on- Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, The Band, Emmy Lou Harris, Nick Drake...

Activity. . . Oh to pick one! I think, if I must, it is playing the piano. Since I was so very small, this is the primary way I clear my head and organize my thoughts.

Possession. . . My grandparent's settee. It's like having a little piece of them in our home, with us always. I can picture them there, when it was in their home. And it makes them feel close.

Season. . . Right this second, I am pretty eager for spring- the return of warmth, the smell of cherry blossoms, the explosion of color from the earth. The experience of seasons since living on the east coast has been a precious thing.

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