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I am so happy to have the lovely Amanda here to share her favorite things! She is a wonderful graphic artist and designer over at Kinfolk (my favorite magazine) and an all around great gal. Visit her blog for more inspiration!

1. Place to Travel: I love to travel...and I've visited many places, but my favorite place seems to always stay the same: Glen Arbor, Michigan (Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park). It's a little piece of heaven on earth.

2. Source of Inspiration: Books...old, new, big, small. We have a whole wall of books at home and they seem to be a never ending source for inspiration.

3. Food: Fresh fruit. Not a day goes by that I don't eat a strawberry or a grapefruit.

4. Blogs: I love so many. Perhaps instead, I'll list what I've read thus far today: Hungry Ghost and Forty-sixth at Grace.

 5.  Possession: When Cree and I were first married, we decided to start a blessing journal. Every night, we write something we are grateful for. It has become such a treasure. 

6. Season: I'm totally a summer girl...which is ironic since I currently live in Michigan.

Head on over to her blog to say hello!