Around this time last year, I had plans to go to an art college in portland (happy I didn't because it wasn't right for me) to study photography. I haven't perused photography much lately as I'm more focused on my etsy shop, but I am dying to shoot some more (sooooo if you are in the central coast area, hint hint wink wink)

With that, here are some goals I have for myself. Perhaps they apply to some of you as well!

1. Get your name out! Go and meet new people. I am an incredibly shy person. I have a difficult time going up to someone and asking "hey, mind if I take your picture!?" but the worst thing is that they say no, right?

2. Shoot film more. Lately I have only been using digital and can honestly say that it doesn't have the same feel that film does. You can take thousands of photos digitally, which is great, but it also can become too easy. Film allows you to closely examine every shot because every shot is precious. I have so many Polaroid land cameras waiting to be used but with film prices stupidly high, it's almost impossible (crossing my fingers it goes down someday).
Tip that might help some of you 35mm shooters - instead of getting prints developed, which are about 9 dollars for 24 exposures, only get the negatives developed and it costs around three bucks. Invest in a negative scanner, which are about 60 dollars, and I promise it'll save you so much!

3. Let it happen naturally! Don't go somewhere in hopes of taking pictures - just let life happen. So often I find myself in a gorgeous place trying to get that perfect shot that I see in my mind when really I should relax and enjoy. My favorite photographs are candid, spontaneous ones because they are full of life.

4. Don't be afraid to direct. This is probably the most important part of photography and my biggest problem. I have a hard time with this because I don't want to come off as bossy but from what I have learned, people love to be directed because most don't know what the heck to do!

Here is my rarely updated portfolio if you'd like to take a gander!