(first photo, all others are hers)
It's safe to say that Frankie is one of my favorite bloggers out there, and has been for years. Whether I am gushing over her gorgeous long locks, amazing vintage finds, or cute pup I always walk away from her little space on the internet feeling so inspired. Browsing past archives on Snail and the Cyclops is always fun too! I am very excited to have her answer a few questions. Isn't she lovely?
 Journal / Shop

 1. Decade? Right now it's probably the 60s, but they each have their own charms.

2. Piece of clothing? I have a few pairs of my boyfriend's tattered Wranglers that I wear at least 3 or
4 times a week. He buys them from a cowboy supply website, I peg the legs for him, and then I take them over
once he wears out the seat and the knees. I think they're the only piece of clothing I can't get sick of. I've been wearing them a lot with his
oxford collar shirts. It's been my lazy go-to outfit.
3. Place to travel? California. I can't wait to spend more time in Big Sur and I'd really like to make my way up north to visit Fern Canyon and the
Lake Shasta caverns.
4. Activity/hobby? Flea market season.
5. Source of inspiration? Back issues of the World of Interiors. Although, I'm finding that if I look at them for too long I start feeling blue about
my current New York City box apartment. It'd be nice to have a charming countryside cottage with rose gardens and all of the other nice things
that come along with that magazine. 
6. Memory? It's hard to chose just one, but, I like the feeling of visiting a city for the first time. Walking (or driving) around wide eyed
with no agenda but to see the sights. I always remember those first visits, no matter how many times I return.