I have to say, I would much rather be back there right now rather than sitting on my couch typing behind the computer. Grass Valley is a beautiful little town full of tall trees, clear swimming holes, rolling hills, and interesting people. We spent a week there, visiting his family and sweet little nieces and nephews. We had some car problems, but that didn't stop us from having fun. Just out of San Francisco we broke down - smoke bursting out of the hood and all. Thankfully my manly car mechanic (who knew!) was there and we went on our way. Last time I spoke with Stephanie, an avid road tripper, she told me, "the adventure doesn't start until something goes wrong!", which is so true. It added some excitement to the trip as we went on hoping and praying that my jeep wouldn't stop in the middle of nowhere (and it didn't, yay!) After getting the water pump replaced (boo!), we headed home down the beautiful coastal highway 1, stopping at San Francisco again (for bi-rite ice cream, of course), Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. Traveling with him is my favorite. We dream about owning an airstream someday, taking a few months to explore America. Oh how I'd love that. 

Photos taken on Instax Wide