Eucalyptus has anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant properties. Perfect for warding off a cold or sinus issues!
  Effie looking a bit unsure of it all.
   Just as I though I avoided the winter sickness going around - it struck. And got me bad. Sore throat, runny nose, headaches, you name it. I'm just thankful it's not the flu, although I feel like I'll jinx myself saying that! I've been loading up on zinc, vitamin c, cayenne pepper, and raw garlic for a speedy recovery. I've also been making one of my favorite steam concoction I threw together one night for Philip when he was having a sneezing attack (culprit spotted in third photo). It is refreshing and really clears you out. You can change a few of these ingredients depending on what you have handy - but here is what I use:

    - about two or three citrus wedge (I prefer to use oranges)
    - peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus leaves 
    - dried lavender 
    - tea tree oil 
    - peppermint castile soap, or if you have peppermint oil on hand that would work too 
    - water 

It is really quite simple. Place all ingredients in the water and put on a low simmer until it is almost to a boil. Place in a mug or bowl and cover your head with a towel or blanket.... now breeeeathe in.... much better! It really works like a charm. Bottle it up and save it for later in the refrigerator (it is best between 1-4 days).