Today we headed out to take some photos for a feature on one of my favorite blogs, buuut the lighting was so bad that we hardly got any. We were squinting/crying in most of the pictures so we'll try again tomorrow. But, it wasn't a complete fail because we got these shots out of it!
Top - Vintage, Ruby Rose / Skirt - Thrifted / Glasses - Etsy / Shoes - Madewell Bag - Thrifted


I love this road I get to drive everyday...especially in the misty fog

Hat + Bag / Thrifted Skort / Anthropolgie Sweater / Roxanne style="font-style: italic;">it's hard not to steal your stylish friend's clothes.

These photos were taken on the back roads to home yesterday when it was raining and gorgeous (today it's sunny.... silly California) I found both the skirt and blouse for a whopping 25 cents. Crazy, right!?


Skirt / UO sale
Necklace/ Willow & Sioux
Sunglasses/ Thrifted

You can't really see it but I am wearing a newly made vintage tassel necklace that will be listed soon.

edge of love

last night I watched the edge of love, and although I can't say it was my favorite movie ever made, it was so visually stunning. needless to say, this outfit and photos were very much inspired by it! to view some screen caps, head over to my tumblr!