Yesterday we took a short adventure to a little town only fifteen minutes away.  We drove on a random road (typical) up a mountain that looked quite promising, and sure enough, the view was beautiful. We hiked a bit and found a Lion King-esque rock to sit on to take in the view. A trip to Morro Bay is not complete without going to Taco Temple (quite possibly the best mexican food and chocolate bread pudding of my life). Exploring with my favorite guy and his wolf has got to be one of my favorite things in life.... along with chocolate bread pudding, of course.
Photos taken on Iphone + Instax


I always catch him mid-fixing collar

This morning, Philip and I went to Montana de Oro and Morro Bay. My favorite thing about it is that you can pretty much always rely on fog, which I love for photos.

Travel Guide / CENTRAL COAST

I get emails from people who are visiting the Central Coast and want to know what to do and where to go, so I've narrowed it down to a few of my fave spots. I'll will keep adding to this list as time goes on.


If you are vegan/vegetarian, the Neon Carrot is your place. My favorite there is the veggie burger, which surprisingly is made out of beets. I'm no fan of beets, but you just have to try it to believe me. And if your not a vegetarian like myself, try the hamburger (my boyfriend loves em)

This is my absolute favorite cafe in the world. It has the best coffee, atmosphere, food, and the acai bowl is to die for. Jen, the owner, is the coolest and sweetest gal around who amazing baked goods.

The food here is pretty good and reasonably priced, with a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Super healthy, while still being tasty. Although I gotta say, careful what you order because some of their food can be a bit bland! I tend to stick with the tostada salad. Oh, and the peanut-choco milkshake is my favorite!


This one has a fresh, asian-fusion vibe to it. My favorite thing about it is the outdoor seating, overlooking the creek under twinkling lights. The best place for atmosphere and a nice dinner.

One of the best deli's around. I am so obsessed with the Mother Nature Veggie sandwhich I dream about it almost every day (ha, such a foodie) In my opinion, it's the best deli around with a pretty cool vibe.

One of my favorites for a nice, healthy, wholesome dinner. My favorite is the vegetarian chili with their homemade corn bread (so good) As with most of the ones mentioned above, they definitely cater to vegetarians. Although they have some delicious salmon and meat options!

The best noodle place around! Often times there is a jazz band playing upstairs, which just adds to the charm.

For a quick bite, this place is yummy and filling! They have really great fresh fish options, clam chowder, tacos, and veggie burgers. Right next door there is a place called Frank's, if you wanna get a milkshake to drink with your meal ;)


Ruby Rose is a great little vintage shop filled with gorgeous clothing, home decor, and great little nick nacks. This is my favorite place in SLO to find treasures! They are open thursday-sunday.

The Palm theatre is the best one around. It is the first solar powered cinema in America that plays indie films.

Booboo records is the best record store around (er, well, maybe the only one. . . haha) but it still is pretty famous and great.

Sunset Drive-In is also a great place to catch a movie. I have a grudge/hate relationship with regular chain movie theaters, so I love this one because you can bring a dinner and relax in the comfort of your own car! I also have some childhood nostalgia when I go to them, and that makes me feel happy too. Tickets are pretty cheap at 7$.


Nautical Bean, Kreuzberg, Linnea's, Black Horse Coffee.