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As I was gathering inspiration for a new post, I noticed that I was picking photos with a similar color palette.  I do that with thrifting as well; I come home with all blue finds. Funny how that works. 
I am taking a bit of a hiatus - perhaps only a few days, maybe a few weeks - to sort out what I want from this blog. Right now I feel like it's going every which way and a part of me wants to be more organized. Perhaps more personal posts rather than inspiration? More writing? I think my number one reason is to create better relationships and community with all you e-peeps. I'd love to hear your honest thoughts. What could change on this blog? What would you like to see more/less of? For now, I leave you with pretty pictures!


+ this series of photographs
+ these new pictures over at Lawrence, taken by Amy Merrick . Impeccable style.

+ . . . this chair!!!
+ this vintage (?) picture. reminds me of my boy.
+ this blog
+ these simple words
+ these new pictures by Aimee for TLO

+ these walls
+ these gorgeous mountains

I was going to take much needed pictures for the shop but I misplaced my camera charger soooo time for an inspiration post! Everyone needs a little inspiration. Enjoy!


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paul & linda

one & two

kate moss

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I guess you could say that these images somewhat portray what I hope my future years will be like. I think sometimes on blogs you can get so caught up in the 'ooooooo what a great life!' and 'ooooo la la look at all of their STUFF' but it's nice to come across some real, simple-livin folks.

Here are a few of my favorite: Kinfolk, Virginia Sioux Louise, Apple a Day, Andrew and Carissa
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Top: 1. Botanical Fern / 2. Seesaw designs / Eleanor Hardwick 3. Jon Contino / one and only Ryan 4. Antelier / Sarah from Anonymouswasawoman 5. Andrei D. Robu / Mr Newton
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lately. . .
> excited for the Missoni line for Target to come out.. loving this blanket.
>have you seen Midnight in Paris? I loved it so much, definitely a fave Woody film.
>these are great tips for portrait taking.
>this necklace is prettttty awesome and I think I need a cat piece in my jewelry collection, who doesn't?
>Feist is coming out with a new album. excitement.


1. smitten with any type of headscarf 2. this cake looks too good to be true 3. man do I love her work! 4. these photographs of miss bardot are gorgeous

1. finally got the new bon iver album 2. need to find a hat like that! it's perfect 3. pretty shorts from anthro 3. everyone loves patti and george. . . how could you not!?
1. what a dapper man 2. a very pretty shirt from clever nettle 3. ashley just opened an etsy shop, take a peek! 3. I. need. these. pretty. please?

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oh you pretty things

I am in LOVE with this photograph. such a classic beauty.
her HAIR!! I love this whole shoot by the one and only vanessa j.
so wonderful. she has great photos.
looking cute.

a great portrait of my sweet e-gal, kala
I love gals on bikes. from frolic!
a really great DIY, I'm about to try it out!
I really love this whole editorial.
these gals at the philly meetup. caaaute!

<< other things for your fancy >>
a great style tumblr. a great inspiration tumblr. a pretty picture tumblr.

this DIY.

this website is full of great inspiration!

and a summer time video to get in the spirit.

so in love with that skirt!
cinder & skylark / stockholm street style

the sartorialist
rue / off of broadway

GQ style
hi, I love you two.


a bit of inspiration

this weekend my family and phil went down to my sister's graduation in loma linda. she' s now a dentist (like my dad!). this summer is full of graduations, weddings, and trips (russia + sweden!), so it's going to be a bit busy. also, my boy got a job at my most FAVORITE cafe ever, sally loo's. if you know me well and you ask what I'm craving, the answer will always be an acai bowl and iced vanilla latte. anywhoooo. . .
via where the lovely things are.
hello beautiful soul.
na nin vintage lookbook
so gorgeous!
great colors via persuit aesthetic
scout & catalogue

hound / between wind and water

this one might be my next etsy purchase, can you tell I'm a sucker for arrows?

parker fitzgerald added me on fb the other day and I had a "omgosh me? i love your work, sniff" moment, haha! embarrassing but he is one cool lad.

something nice for your ears . . . and eyes ;)

I need your feedback! what posts are your favorite? do you like inspiration posts? I'm trying to revamp my blog a bit and get more involved with the blogging community, so don't be shy and say hello.