well to begin, I moved into a quaint victorian apartment.

effie's favorite place to sleep. poor thing had a hard time adjusting at first, but I think she's doing just     fine now, and she has a new kitty housemate too! 

I take walks as often as possible now, being so close to my favorite coffee shops, and I always make sure to make a little bouquet on the way. Phil warns me that I might look like a crazy to the neighbors if I keep collecting foliage on my walk, but I can't help it!
    rain - my favorite weather!
   a few Christmas presents
I hope everyone of you had a joyful, relaxing holiday! 
* all photos taken on iphone, edited using afterglow


1 | coffee by the ocean 2 | pretty flowers at sally loo's 3 | new (to me) vintage dish towel 4 | a 50s bowling double date with Roxanne and Max


pretty flowers | Amie's little Emmy Loo (who I'm quite smitten with) | soy chorizo tacos | foggy walk to the beach | black lambs | a new hat | collecting driftwood | black + brown love

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Any plans?


I've had a nasty cold/virus/flu thing since Monday so I haven't been doing too much. I am finally getting over it, though, yay! Today I woke up to the rain (FAVORITE), went on a bike ride, had good food, went on a hike, walked on the pier, thrifted, and lots of other things I like to do. When I'm sick I feel like I miss out on all good things so I kinda squeezed them into one day, haha. And can I just say that I've been the thrifting queen lately? Gettin' so lucky!!

I feel like the blog world is SO slow lately... or maybe just mine?


Bike riding to the harvest festival, apples from farmers market, pumpkins, High Street deli

amazing latte at Sally Loos, new sweater + bike, love, Shell Beach

iphone snaps : wedding weekend!

part 1 /

we ate at simple things three times (excessive? haha) because it was SO good. I dream about the banana cream pie every night now. we also ate next to amanda seyfried and ryan phillippe at joan's on third, which was pretty funny.

part 2 /

the wedding was at the smog shoppe in LA, which is so gorgeous!