And on another note - my man moved to LA on new years day. Quite a change for the new year, huh? 2012 was a quiet, comfortable, ordinary year. It was a good one, but I am exited for what the future holds. Lots of exciting things are in store for 2013. I already miss him a lot but I am excited for the opportunities their band has been given (mostly thanks to Fergie... yes the Fergalicious Fergie). Funny how life works.


Coat: Buffalo Exchange Gloves: Thrifted Boots + Pants: UO Bag: vintage, After Life

Took a mini trip to San Francisco this past week. We ate a lot of good food and did a lot of shopping. My two favorite things! Some food favorites of mine. . .
Tartine bakery (of course!), Bi Rite ice cream (best on the planet), Delfinas (best pizza on the planet), and Outerlands (Portland vibe/amazing food)

Oh, and it's 2012 now. Crazy! Happy new year! You could say my resolutions are to eat healthier, travel as much as possible, find happiness in simple things, and taking more photos.