Clothes that are perfect for transitioning from the warm summer days into the cooler Fall ones. Feels a little wrong to say that fall is just around the corner, doesn't it? Summer and Fall have, for many ages, been in competition for my favorite season and I truly cannot chose one. What about you?

The first dress is one of my favorites, it is from the 1940s and although age has worn it down, it is still as beautiful as ever. I am trying my best to update the shop daily, or at least several times a week, so be sure to take a peek once in awhile! These items will be listed tomorrow.


1970 flutter dress
1980 peach dress / 1960 dress robe

I have been getting incredibly lucky in my thrifting adventures lately - for my shop and for myself. While everyone is cruising the Halloween section for costumes, I'm just looking for normal clothes and end up finding the cutest vintage dresses! I will be updating the shop in the next few days with tons of pretty dresses and hats so stay tuned.

And a kitty, for good measure.


70s Midi Skirt

90s Floral Romper / / Shrunken Tweed Blazer / / Maroon Floppy Felt Hat

1) Shrunken Blazer 2) 70s London Fog Coat 3) Mustard Seed Buttonup 4) Meadowlark Dress 5) Sheer Polka Dot Dress

The Madeline Hat / /Fishermans Sweater
1970 Suede Rust Dress

I have spent a while working on the new lookbook and I am so happy it is finally finished! I hope you enjoy. You can other pictures HERE and shop HERE.