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The Ragged Jubilee just released their new album In The Valley the other day and boy, it does not disappoint! These guys are seriously talented and have such a unique sound to them. They are on tour right now in the Seattle - Portland area, so if you are around the area do yourself a favor and head on over to one of their shows.

You can listen/buy it on Itunes or cd baby. 

Here's a little film they made while on the road...


Instead of makin' a music playlist, I decided I needed to spread the love and show you some local stuff. For being a relatively small town, San Luis has some good talent. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by these guys and gals who make darn good musics. Enjoy! Sorry for the messiness of youtube vids, but what canya do?

Good times last year! Max is a wonderful song writer.

Be Kind to Me {Sparrows Gate} from Cameron Ingalls on Vimeo.

Ragged Jubilee #3 from The Cana Family on Vimeo.

This is The Ragged Jubilee, my boyfriend's band! You can buy their music on itunes or here.

Wesley Jensen - Great Empire from Tyler Faires Productions on Vimeo.

sea lion woman

I just finished watching this film about leslie feist and loved it. she is such a respectable musician who can play all of her instruments and write beautiful lyrics (which you don't see much these days). this film is much more about creativity and the human spirit that is incorporated in her music rather than just a film about what she does, I guess you could say. that being said, watch it! I have some new photography ideas that involve light, silhouettes, projections and the use of natural items.