And on another note - my man moved to LA on new years day. Quite a change for the new year, huh? 2012 was a quiet, comfortable, ordinary year. It was a good one, but I am exited for what the future holds. Lots of exciting things are in store for 2013. I already miss him a lot but I am excited for the opportunities their band has been given (mostly thanks to Fergie... yes the Fergalicious Fergie). Funny how life works.

roxanne no. 2

here is a sneak peak of what roxanne and I have been working on. I love taking pictures of her, if you haven't noticed!

so a little story behind this perfect 1950s white dress: I bought it for myself, but unfortunately due to my bad habit of not trying things on, it doesn't fit. I think I might just have a really big neck or something, haha, anyways. . . it might be in the shop soon! how great does she look in it?

me creeping in a tree. . .

photos / moi . modeling / roxanne

side note: now that we are in july, I'll be no longer accepting sponsors due to the craziness of this month. sister's wedding, traveling to my cousin's wedding, and then that night heading off the europe. pretty crazy! if you've been trying to contact me, so sorry if I haven't gotten back to you.

r o x a n n e

here's a pretty face that I am sure all of you recognize! roxanne is home for a few weeks so needless to say, we went antiquing around town.

I found the prettiest 1950s dress and it fit perfectly! it has this wonderful movement and one shoulder that flatters so well. can't wait to take pictures of it!

prairie wind

I had the pleasure of taking these wonderful sister's pictures today.

I had to chose some of my favorites (in hopes of not making a massive photo post), even though there are lots more. I hope you enjoy these.

to view more, head over to my photo diary.

photos by me, shot with canon rebel xti and canon ae1

the fairest of the seasons.

the gorgeous roxanne! goodness I wish she lived here. she is such a good antiquing and coffee drinking gal pal to have around. I feel like we get each other because we're so similar. I also like that we have the same favorite bloggers and taste. she leads an inspiring life and I really enjoy hearing all of her exciting stories from SF.