I'm happy to introduce to you a dear friend, the lovely Roxanne. She has amazing vintage style, a talent for baking (she is about to graduate at the Culinary Institute in Napa) , great music taste, and is generally probably the coolest chick around. We went to school together and let me tell you, she has always had this amazing style and taste. Check out her blog for more inspiration!
1. Favorite shops? Mostly thrift stores, some of my all time favorites being Thrift Town (in SF), Savers, and Family Thrift (in Arroyo Grande!). However, I do appreciate shops to gawk at, like La Rosa on Haight Street. Some day. . .

2. Current blog crushes? It Girl, Rag Doll; Fancy Fine; Feathers & Things; and Foxtail & Fern. And then I love browsing through old archives of The Snail and The Cyclops and Liebemarlene Vintage.

3. Music I love.... Oh Sheesh, humm. . .I've been loving DuWop music, as of late. But I love everything from shoegaze to 90's girl grunge to folk to big band. It all just depends.

4. Favorite decade? 1950's. I think I was born in the wrong decade.

5. I can't live without my.... cat, Maybelline. AWESOME!

6. Favorite place to travel? Home.

7. Dream career? . . .Pastry Chef

8. Coveting? A Le Creuset Dutch Oven, new camera, a million vintage dresses and a bigger closet.

roxanne no. 2

here is a sneak peak of what roxanne and I have been working on. I love taking pictures of her, if you haven't noticed!

so a little story behind this perfect 1950s white dress: I bought it for myself, but unfortunately due to my bad habit of not trying things on, it doesn't fit. I think I might just have a really big neck or something, haha, anyways. . . it might be in the shop soon! how great does she look in it?

me creeping in a tree. . .

photos / moi . modeling / roxanne

side note: now that we are in july, I'll be no longer accepting sponsors due to the craziness of this month. sister's wedding, traveling to my cousin's wedding, and then that night heading off the europe. pretty crazy! if you've been trying to contact me, so sorry if I haven't gotten back to you.