m u s i n g s

nadinoo / sophie allen 2. zara / solid frog ( take a look at the others. beautiful. ) 3. via color collective, a wonderful blog of color and style 4. anthro / becca s 5. Audrey in roman holiday
6. not quite snow white 7. vanessa jackman: claire / the flower girl

aren't all of these the best? I'm going to europe in july and all of these outfits would be perfect! although I will always have a place in my heart for fancy 50s dresses and bows, the tomboy style that I see lurking around blogs is quite refreshing. I was watching the mummy a few days ago and noticed how amazing rachel weiz is as evie. so 2001, but I mean, she kicks ass and looks adorable doing so. . . how couldn't you love her!? haha.


a bit messier than the usual, but hey, that's me.

(beautiful photo by carlos r.)
a very sweet bowl

perfect (anchor division)

a party I wouldn't mind going to!

lizzy stewart

no doubt you've already seen these photos floating around the interwebs, but isn't she just the cutest? siri for bows & bandits, and photos by katharina.

oooh la la, a+ for style. (james bort)
another very lovely collection of photos by clever nettle + house of leaves.
effortless summer style (from need supply co lookbook)
perfect color combos (asos)

other things of the week:
this wonderful blog of friendship
tumblr full of inspiration

a cute hair tutorial

joyfully awaiting my new fleet foxes record to come home! thanks to my wonderful boy :)

weekly inspiration.

by the wonderful photographer, aela labbe


I love Hannah's dress. I am on a mission to find something similar! also, I finally learned how to do fishtail braids

I am so ready for spring! floppy hats, knee highs, and mini dresses. now if only I was short and could wear adorable shoes like that. a girl can dream. (free people)

loving arrows. this would be perfect to write in!

home decor
always loving a cluster of photos on a clean white wall, like this one!

an old photograph
paul is looking pretty snazzy! he kind of reminds me of my boy in this picture (minus the cig!)

for your eyes and ears

Little Scream: "The Heron and The Fox" (live) from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.