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This week, according to five photos. 


1. Walks around the neighborhood. Look at those trees! // 2. Sweedeedee. Always. // 3. New wall sconce from Schoolhouse Electic, making the bedroom look a bit more put together (even when the walls are empty and we have no furniture yet) // 4. Rory loves giving Willow kisses. // 5. New kitchen shelf (sorry landlord....) 


Hi folks.... can you believe it's 2015!? Me neither. I was looking through old photos the other day and found it a bit scary how time can fly by. 2015 is already full of big change. I said goodbye to sunny California and am now living in Portland, Or and LOVING it so far. 

2015.... a year full of possibility. I am not quite sure of what path I'm going to take, but I know I'm going to work hard & do what I love. I am excited to get started with Wild Poppy Goods and develop a whole new look & concept for it.... by the end of January it should be launched. Stay tuned! 







gift guide 2014 || last minute gifts

For last minute shoppers, with little time to shop, Amazon is where it's at. I am an advocate for supporting local makers and businesses, but let's face it: life gets in the way and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Amazon is great because one *click* and you're done, and it arrives pretty much the next day. And no, this post is definitely not sponsored post, I am just however a big fan of 'em ;) 


gift guide 2014 | for the naturalist

1. Who wouldn't love this hand dyed scarf from Everything Golden? (45-) 

2.  Like many others, PF candles are a staple around my home. Pretty to look at and wonderful to smell. My favorite is the no. 9 fig & jasmine scent. (16-) 

3. Give the gift of luxury with these gray towels from Rikumo (20- each) 

4. Hello, gorgeous handmade leather wallet. You're quite the looker, and on sale. (89-) 

5. A black hat is staple for any wardrobe -- I'm especially fond of this one which has a great shape and is vintage! (58-) 

6. Bincho water filter not only looks cool but is really functional (69-)

7. The perfect boot for everyday use. Chippewa lace up boots from Orn Hansen. (270-) 

8. Dry shampoo made with good ingredients. (9-) 

9. During wintertime, a favorite mug is a must. This one from Rennes would be my go-to mug in the morning.  *note, this particular one shown is sold out. Here is something similar. (24-)